We build solid end-to-end products and services from the ground up, taking care of every detail along the way to ensure a first class experience for both you and your customers.

Lobo Digital: Consultacy

Going beyond the project at hand, we can give clarity and vision to your business from our outside perspective and wealth of experience.

We can create a whole ecosystem of your products and services, bringing all the touch points together in a cohesive and intelligent way, both on and offline.

Business planning
Brand strategy
Social media
Digital transformation
Project management

Product Design Lifecycle
There’s far more to our product design service than the creation of beautiful interfaces, it is a deep and complex process that considers all aspects of the customer’s product through understanding, brainstorming, gathering requirements, prototyping, and validating concepts. We divide this broadly into 4 stages
Services - Research

Our in-depth research process helps us to get to know the ins and outs of your audiences, markets, competitors, and the points of interaction.

As a result, we can then translate this information into meaningful project specifications and build a strong vision and foundation for your new product or service.

Stakeholder interviews
Competitor benchmarking
Concept validation
Market analysis
Best practices analysis

UX strategy

Our carefully considered UX strategy will ensure that every single customer touch point is meaningful, memorable, simple, and rewarding, enhancing both the quality of the interaction, and most importantly, the overall user experience.

User stories
Use cases
Information architecture
User flows
Functional analysis
Journey maps

Services - UX Strategy
Services - Digital Design
Digital design

Our design process is both holistic and iterative; encompassing everything from the creation of brand enriched design systems, to building engaging and user-friendly interfaces that bring your products or services to life.

Interface design
Rapid prototyping
Interaction design
Brand identity
Visual direction
Design systems
Motion graphics


A cornerstone of the digital product design lifecycle is testing. We place your product in real life everyday scenarios with stakeholders or testing groups that simulate typical user behaviour. We can gain valuable insights into any possible improvements that can be made or problems that can be fixed before going into development.

Card sorting
Exploratory testing
Usability testing
In-depth interviews
Interface QA

Services - Testing
Services - Technology

We can deliver innovative, scalable, and technically complex projects, using cutting edge web and mobile development technologies and approaches.

Our wide-ranging expertise and robust attention to detail ensure we deliver solutions that offer high levels of consistency in quality and performance.

User interfaces for web
and mobile
Business logic
Cloud infrastructure